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Jay Cunningham is a computer scientist and scholar dedicated to promoting responsibility and fairness in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) systems, data science, and human-computer interaction (HCI). He innovates […]

Katy Glenn Bass is the research director of the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. She is responsible for conceptualizing and executing all of the Institute’s research initiatives, including […]

The Federal Trade Commission today launched a new Office of Technology that will strengthen the FTC’s ability to keep pace with technological challenges in the digital marketplace by supporting the […]

The term ‘regulatory capture’ is frequently invoked to describe dysfunctional government institutions. In its casual use, it refers to a phenomenon in which regulations benefit regulated industries, rather than public […]

ABSTRACT Products and technologies reflect injustices in the world such as racism, sexism, and ableism. And all too often, they exacerbate those injustices in overt and insidious ways. How can […]

Dr. Parvin is an associate professor at the digital media program at Georgia Tech, where she also directs the Design and Social Justice Studio. Her research explores the ethical and […]

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NSO Group’s business is founded on secrecy; it has refused to publicly identify its clients. In the statement, the company said it sells its software only to “legitimate government agencies” […]

Dr. Rachel Kuo researches race, social movements, and digital technology. She is currently an assistant professor of media and cinema studies at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Previously, she was […]

How can researchers navigate challenges in community partnerships created by institutional bureaucracies, such as technological systems for managing paperwork and payments? Here, Rachel Kuo outlines recommendations for those in universities and research institutions conducting community-based research in digital environments.

Towards Life 3.0: Ethics and Technology in the 21st Century is a talk series organized and facilitated by Dr. Mathias Risse, Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, […]

Join METRO’s Director of Programs and Partnerships, Davis Erin Anderson, for a conversation with Sarah Lamdan about Lamdan’s new book, Data Cartels: The Companies That Control and Monopolize Our Information. […]

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