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Julian Posada

Assistant Professor | Yale University
Just Tech Fellow

Julian Posada is a sociologist and information scientist whose work lies at the intersection of labor, technology, and inequality. He focuses on labor rights and community justice in technology development. His current research explores the experiences of outsourced workers who generate, annotate, and verify data for artificial intelligence. Posada’s publications span academic venues in both the social sciences and computer science, as well as public-facing platforms like Logic(s) magazine and Bot Populi. He has also authored policy reports for the federal Government of Canada and the provincial Government of Ontario.

Project Description

With the Just Tech Fellowship, Julian Posada will apply the lenses of Latin American critical thinking alongside critical platform and data studies to better understand the working conditions, forms of resistance, and ways forward in developing datasets and algorithmic verification processes in the artificial intelligence supply chain. The project’s outcomes will include a book under contract with the University of California Press, a policy report, and labor organizing workshops with workers and worker organizations. This project will focus on human rights and dignity in the development of AI at a time when the deployment of the technology dominates public discourse on its social impact.

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