Labor & Economy
    ­Data Work and its Layers of (In)visibility

    Different forms of ghost work exists in the current digital landscape across national borders. Just Tech Fellow Adrienne Williams and researcher Milagros Miceli examine how these manifestations of invisible work emerge and play role in data work and AI development, and they suggest paths forward beyond making this labor visible.

    Carceral Technology
    Police Surveillance in Los Angeles: A Conversation with Hamid Khan

    Grassroots activist Hamid Khan speaks with Editor Rodrigo Ugarte about how the organization he founded, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, is countering police surveillance in the Los Angeles area through community outreach and education.

    Movements & Mobilization
    Countering Digital Injustices in Brazil: A Conversation with Lorena Regattieri

    In this interview, Program Director Catalina Vallejo and Program Assistant Eliana Blam talk with Lorena Regattieri, a scholar, activist, and organizer, about her new project Eco-Mídia and the state of internet equity and access in Brazil.

    Meet the 2023–2025 Fellows

    The Just Tech Fellowship announces its second cohort of Just Tech Fellows. These seven changemakers will each receive two-year fellowships to tackle complex issues at the intersection of tech and social justice.

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