Technology, Surveillance, and Race

    Brian Jefferson highlights key concepts and discussions on information technology, surveillance, carceral governance, and border patrol. Specifically, this field review explores the evolution of information communication technology and racial surveillance from the late nineteenth century until the present.

    Just Tech
    Just Tech Platform Launch Event

    Watch the Just Tech Platform launch event, featuring remarks from former SSRC president, Alondra Nelson, and a conversation with Ruha Benjamin, Timnit Gebru, and Safiya U. Noble.

    Rapid Response Grant
    Delivery Work during the Pandemic in Turkey

    In this essay, Egrin Bulut examines the experiences of gig-workers in Turkey during the pandemic, exploring the tensions heightened by a global health crisis for delivery app workers.

    Law & Ethics
    Human-Algorithm Feedback Loops

    Nathan Matias and Lucas Wright survey research to demonstrate the social justice implications of adaptive algorithms and consider how we might effectively assess the impact of human-algorithm feedback.

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