Crisis & Reparation
    Your Artificial Future is Repulsive: On Climate Change, Data Tech, and Artifice

    Theodora Dryer considers how the concept of “artifice” intersects with climate change and data tech, provides an overview of our relationship with carbon, and critiques how Indigenous lands were used to experiment cloud-seeding programs. Finally, she examines how contemporary environmental policy values and emphasizes certain forms of data while ignoring or undermining data that focuses on racial and environmental justice.

    Just Tech Fellow Tawana Petty

    Meet Tawana Petty, one of our 2023–2025 Just Tech Fellows. She is a long-time social justice organizer whose work focuses on racial justice, equity issues, water rights advocacy, data privacy, and consent. Based in Detroit, she is also the founding director of Petty Propolis, a Black women-led artist incubator and social justice organization.

    #RIP Twitter: The Conditions of Black Social Media Platform Migration

    In this field review, part of our collaboration with the DISCO Network, Rianna Walcott examines the dynamics of Black Twitter following the social media site’s acquisition by Elon Musk, arguing that the processes of transforming social media spaces work as a form of ownership by Black Twitter users.

    Labor & Economy
    Interpreting Transnational Code Worlds/Work: A Conversation with Héctor Beltrán

    Data Fluencies Program Officer Dannah Dennis interviewed Héctor Beltrán about his recently published book Code Work: Hacking across the US/México Techno-Borderlands, discussing how computing intersects with issues of identity, race, ethnicity, class, and nation.

    Carceral Technology
    Creating a Culture of Consent for Our Digital Future: A Conversation with Tawana Petty

    Just Tech Program Officer Ever Bussey interviews Just Tech Fellow Tawana Petty about how data extraction and surveillance impact marginalized communities, working with policymakers, and how to address the proliferation of artificial intelligence in an inclusive and consentful manner.

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