Platforms & Infrastructure
    Challenging Tech's Imagined Future

    Chris Gilliard questions the potential of AI chatbots touted by their creators and promoters, highlighting their vulnerability to misuse by fascists, racists, transphobes, and other bad-faith actors.

    Law & Ethics
    Just Design: Pasts, Presents, and Future Trajectories of Technology

    In this field review, Nassim Parvin presents provisional definitions for design and justice, overviews the literature on the intersection of tech design and justice, and offers two necessary conditions for advancing social justice in and through design.

    Movements & Mobilization
    Visibility, Race, and Public Space: Technologies of Erasure on Digital Platforms

    In her essay, Jordan Kraemer examines the racial dynamics within community activists in a Brooklyn neighborhood through their interactions on digital platforms during the pandemic.

    Carceral Technology
    Is the Next Misinformation Crisis Fear-Based and Local?

    Journalist Lam Thuy Vo examines how the demise of local news and the rise of neighborhood platforms may be contributing to the next moral panic over crime.

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