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Jeff Nagy is a historian of computing, AI, and disability. He holds a PhD in communication from Stanford University, where his dissertation, “Watching Feeling: Emotional Data from Cybernetics to Social […]

As part of our collaboration with the DISCO Network, Jeff Nagy examines the growing use of AI technology in psychiatry, focusing on the intersection of depression, disability, and digital media and how algorithms and machine learning impact our relationship with mental health.

David Adelman, PhD, is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Digital Accessible Futures lab at the University of Michigan, through the DISCO Network, and is an affiliated faculty member in […]

As the Founder and Chief Good Troublemaker at Backbone Digital Leaders, Matthews has worked with history-making political candidates and organizations like Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight and Michelle Obama’s When We […]

Danielle Blunt is a sex worker, community organizer, public health researcher, and the cofounder of Hacking//Hustling, a collective of sex workers and accomplices working at the intersection of tech and […]

Mali Collins’ research areas include Black motherhood studies, Black archival studies, twentieth and twenty-first century literature and art, medical humanities, digital technology, and reproductive health and justice. She is a […]

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The recent overturn of Roe v. Wade renewed attention toward reproductive violence, which disproportionately impacts Black reproductive life in the United States. Not unrelated, and nearly 20 years since the […]

Daly Barnett is a technologist, educator, writer, and activist. She alchemizes each of these skills to disempower the harms that surveillance and technology can cause movement based work, especially around […]

As abortion bans across the nation are implemented and enforced, law enforcement is turning to social-media platforms to build cases to prosecute women seeking abortions or abortion-inducing medication — and […]

There are an estimated 38 million disabled eligible voters in the U.S., but many of them face unique obstacles when trying to cast their ballots. Federal and state laws require […]

In this talk, Lindsey D. Felt will introduce a framework that locates disability innovation, artistry, and crip politics as central to the development of AI and technology. From M Eifler’s Prosthetic […]

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