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Scholar Charlton McIlwain talks with Program Director Catalina Vallejo about his book Black Software and the past and ongoing role Black people play in the development of digital technology.

Every time a new application of AI is announced, I feel a short-lived rush of excitement — followed soon after by a knot in my stomach. This is because I […]

“While the idea of Citizen is brilliant … I do come to this with a healthy dose of skepticism because of the uniqueness of our community,” says OCA’s Kosai. “One […]

ABSTRACT Products and technologies reflect injustices in the world such as racism, sexism, and ableism. And all too often, they exacerbate those injustices in overt and insidious ways. How can […]

Dr. Parvin is an associate professor at the digital media program at Georgia Tech, where she also directs the Design and Social Justice Studio. Her research explores the ethical and […]

On December 10, 3pm EST at the New Museum, Rhizome will host a CyberPowWow panel discussion featuring artist Skawennati of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC), scholar Mikhel Proulx, and Rhizome […]

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Shanquella Robinson’s death could have easily fallen through the cracks. In the first two weeks after the 25-year-old from North Carolina was pronounced dead during a group vacation to Cabo […]

There are an estimated 38 million disabled eligible voters in the U.S., but many of them face unique obstacles when trying to cast their ballots. Federal and state laws require […]

In this talk, Lindsey D. Felt will introduce a framework that locates disability innovation, artistry, and crip politics as central to the development of AI and technology. From M Eifler’s Prosthetic […]

Reproductive rights activists in Latin America have long fought for reproductive freedom, including some significant battles won. With the recent repeal of Roe v. Wade in the US, the “green […]

In the last few years, at least eight states have passed eviction record sealing laws, and eviction sealing legislation is being considered in several other cities and states across the […]

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