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Neta Alexander

Assistant Professor | Colgate University

Neta Alexander is an assistant professor of film and media at Colgate University and a former assistant editor of Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (JCMS). She earned a PhD from NYU and a MA from Columbia University. Her work focuses on digital culture, film and media, and science and technology studies (STS). Her first book, Failure (coauthored with Arjun Appadurai; Polity, 2020) studies how Silicon Valley and Wall Street monetize failure and forgetfulness. Her forthcoming book, Interface Frictions, focuses on four ubiquitous design features—refresh, playback speed, autoplay, and Night Shift—to unpack how they encode and create ableist fictions about the world and the human body. Her articles have appeared in Journal of Visual Culture (JVC), Cinema Journal, Cinergie, Film Quarterly, Media Fields Journal, and Flow journal, among other publications. Her public scholarship, encompassing topics such as the Internet of Medical Things, predictive personalization, and the limitations of technology, has been published or featured in The Economist, The Atlantic, Public Books, Real Life magazine and the Brooklyn Rail.

Alexander reviewed an early draft of Meditation Apps and the Unbearable Whiteness of Wellness.

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