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Data Privacy Protection and the Conduct of Applied Research: Methods, Approaches and their Consequences | NBER


Rapid improvements in computational power and coincident increases in the amount of data on individuals and firms that is publicly available or can be purchased at a nominal cost have created new challenges for protecting the privacy of survey responses and administrative data. By combining such data with information from external sources, it is increasingly […]

Protecting Civil Rights in the World of Automated Employment Decisions Tickets, Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite

Virtual Event

Increasingly, companies are implementing new worker selection procedures at every stage of recruitment and employment, often in ways that can reinforce pre-existing disparities in the job market. But employers and vendors are rarely transparent about how these tools are used, making it difficult to detect how they can discriminate against workers, and to implement the […]

Media Law and Policy Scholars Conference

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The Media Law & Policy Scholars conference isn’t like the typical big conferences you attend. Instead, it’s designed to be a small workshop where everyone participates in an engaging, intellectual dialogue.