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Yeonhee Cho

PhD candidate | University of Washington

Yeonhee Cho is a PhD candidate in information science at the University of Washington, holding an MSEd in learning sciences from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in media studies from Syracuse University. His research centers on human-computer interaction, game-based learning, and the transformative role of technology in education, particularly emphasizing AI literacy and misinformation combat strategies. Cho investigates misinformation games and employs emerging technologies like AR/VR to innovate educational frameworks.

In his professional life, Cho has garnered extensive experience, ranging from HR management at SK C&C in South Korea to UX research at Indeed in the United States, and teaching an IT program for elementary school students in New Jersey. This varied background enriches his research and contributes to a broader understanding of the digital educational landscape.

Cho’s commitment to the academic and professional communities is exemplified by his roles, including his upcoming presidency of the Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association Seattle YG (2024–2025), and his impactful tenure as a leader at Changbal, an IT-focused NPO in Seattle. His scholarly achievements and leadership roles underscore his dedication to advancing the field of information science and his vision for the future of educational technology, with a focus on AI literacy and misinformation.

Cho is a 2024 Data Fluencies Dissertation Research grantee.