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Wesley Taylor

Artist | Emergence Media

Wesley Taylor is a graphic designer, fine artist, musician, and curator. He started out as both an emcee and graphic designer in the hip-hop group, Athletic Mic League. He got into making music partly as an excuse to make album covers. He became a co-founding partner of Emergence as an excuse to make art and conceptualize creative projects. He roots his practice in performance and social justice. His work combines, oscillates between, and blurs these different disciplines. His work is multi-disciplinary as well as anti-disciplinary. Wesley’s individual practice is inextricably linked to his collective practice, yet his collective practice is not just one collective: it is a constellation of collectives he has helped form for over 20 years. Those collectives include: Complex Movements, Talking Dolls Detroit, Design Justice Network, and Big Models. His work is inspired by elder knowledge, complex science, 90s underground hip hop, punk aesthetics, and science fiction. He creates work in partnership with social justice movements. He is currently an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Graphic Design and the Art Foundation Program.

Wesley Taylor served as an External Evaluator for the 2022 Just Tech Fellowship.