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Tiara Roxanne

Postdoctoral Fellow | Data & Society

Tiara Roxanne is a Tarascan Mestiza scholar and artist based in Berlin. They are currently a postdoctoral fellow at Data & Society in the Trustworthy Infrastructures research team, developing protocols of trust and safety online with Indigenous communities based in Central and South America. 

Roxanne’s work is dedicated to rethinking the ethics of AI through an anticolonial and cyberfeminist lens. By taking a multidisciplinary approach, their research on data colonialism interrogates how big data and datamining systems govern a colonial imposition through design and (visual) representation. These datamining practices arise from machine learning and artificial intelligence black boxes that lack intersectional intelligence and Indigenous knowledge.

Their work also explores the notion that decolonization is not possible; we must establish decolonial gestures, a concept developed in their dissertation, “Recovering Indigeneity: Territorial Dehiscence and Digital Immanence,” which was completed under the supervision of Catherine Malabou. In this way, decolonial gestures stand in as forces and modes of decolonial or anticolonial embodied actions.  

As a performance artist and practitioner, they work between the digital and the material using textile. Currently their work is mediated through the color red.