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Sorelle Friedler

Associate Professor | Haverford College

Sorelle Friedler is an associate professor of computer science at Haverford College and an affiliate at the Data & Society Research Institute. Her research focuses on the fairness and interpretability of machine learning algorithms, with applications from criminal justice to materials discovery.

Friedler is a cofounder and Executive Committee member of the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*) as well as a former Program Committee cochair of FAT* and FAT/ML. She has received a Mozilla grant, Fellowship, and NSF grant for her work on preventing discrimination in machine learning. Her work on this topic has been featured in IEEE Spectrum, Gizmodo, and NBC News and she has been interviewed about algorithmic fairness by the Guardian, Bloomberg, and NPR.

Sorelle Friedler served on the 2020 Selection Committee for Just Tech’s Covid-19 Rapid Response Grant Competition.

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