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Miliaku Nwabueze

Chaos Orchestrator | Center for Race and Digital Justice
Just Tech Fellow
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Miliaku Nwabueze is an anti-disciplinarian constellation architect, chaos orchestrator, and glitch enthusiast who splits her time between New York and Atlanta. She is a queer, Igbo-Black American originally born and raised in Detroit who writes, designs, and wonders toward the endings of this world.

Project Description

c0de switch is a project that aims to address the relationship between digital technologies, power, and social justice by examining how we end a relationship of domination and subservience to technologies and the hegemonic, extractive forces that produce it.

Miliaku Nwabueze has observed how white activists practice digital hygiene—habits aimed at protecting one’s digital well being—and information security to mitigate political risk-taking, contrasting with the vulnerabilities faced by nonwhite activists. In general, there’s a culture of malpractice in which activists post sensitive information on online platforms like Instagram, which are known to be used and surveilled by the state. The open-source world has created a robust alternate technological ecosystem of projects that refuse to surveil and commoditize users, but because of cultural and social chasms, are less used by nonwhite activists. c0de switch is a design-led, experiential research project that asks: How do we build pathways to alternative tech and keep marginalized activists off the hegemonic web?

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