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Meme Styles

President | MEASURE
Just Tech Fellow

Jameila “Meme” Styles is the founder and president of MEASURE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise that provides free data support to Black, Brown, and Indigenous-led organizations. MEASURE builds and deploys research protocols for and by Black, Brown, and Indigenous-led community organizations, and has strategic partnerships with the University of Texas, Texas Southern University, and more. Last year, Meme was named an MIT SOLVER for anti-racist technology in the United States and the DivInc Nonprofit Leader of the Year (2021).

Styles is a member of the inaugural (2022 – 2024) cohort of the Just Tech Fellowship. As a Just Tech Fellow, Styles will develop a free-to-use, cloud-based platform (MEASURE Connect) where Black, Brown, Indigenous, and underrepresented racialized people can share data, create key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that center racial equity, champion one another’s progress through social media, find funding, and get matched to other organizations with similar goals. By developing a shared, stable, and rigorous methodology to measure progress and coordinate efforts, MEASURE Connect will help frequently siloed or isolated community organizations come together to promote equity by challenging the entrenched systems that reproduce injustice.

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