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Lyel Resner

Visiting Faculty | Cornell Tech

Lyel Resner has extensive experience in launching and scaling innovative products, services, and organizations at the intersection of technology and social change. He is currently visiting faculty and the head of the Public Interest Technology Studio at Cornell Tech, where he leads programming for 400+ graduate students on creating tech to create a more just future and coleads the Startups & Society Initiative—a nonprofit research project backed by Ford, OSF, and Omidyar to support founders and investors with responsible innovation practices. 

Previously, Resner was a cofounder of Swayable (YC W18), which uses data science to create more persuasive media for many of the world’s leading advocacy organizations, social and political campaigns, and brands, including the ACLU and Airbnb. He was also an early executive at the Flatiron School. Resner has also worked with Google, Girls Who Code, and the Rockefeller Foundation, among others. He is an adjunct professor of public interest technology and social innovation at NYU, and a fellow at the MIT Civic Data Lab.

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