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Ashleigh Washington

PhD candidate | CUNY Graduate Center

Ashleigh Washington is a social worker dedicated to liberation for communities of color. Since 2005, her advocacy has made an impact in community-based services, public education, and social work education. 

Originally from Killeen, Texas, Washington began her career in Houston as a counselor for mothers mandated to drug treatment. Beginning in 2008, she became a nonprofit leader in New York City, serving families affected by HIV, violence, and family separation. In 2017, Washington joined Safe Horizon, the nation’s leading victim service agency, assuming her role as Senior Director of Learning for over 800 NYC antiviolence advocates.  

Washington holds a bachelor’s in social work from Prairie View A&M University, a master’s in social work from Columbia University, and she is currently a social welfare PhD candidate at the City University of New York. Her research explores data, technology, and racialized surveillance in the US child welfare system.

Washington is a 2024 Data Fluencies Dissertation Research grantee.