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Alexandra Givens

President | Center for Democracy & Technology

Alexandra Reeve Givens is CDT’s President & CEO, and an advocate for using technology to increase equality, amplify voices, and promote human rights. At CDT, Alex leads a diverse team that is putting democracy and individual rights at the center of the digital revolution.

Prior to joining CDT, Alex served as the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Technology Law & Policy at Georgetown Law, where she set the Institute’s research agenda, and directed its public convenings, curricular activities, strategic development, and stakeholder engagement. While at Georgetown, Alex also taught the two foundation seminars for Georgetown Law’s Tech Law Scholars Program, inviting law students to develop a concentration in technology law and policy, and was a founding leader of the university’s Initiative on Tech & Society.

Alexandra Givens served on the Steering Committee that informed the creation of the Just Tech Fellowship. 

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