The Politics of Being a Queer Leader During the Ferguson Uprising

Templeton, Alexis
American Ethnologist

Michael Brown saved my life. Later, he shifted its direction. I'm asked to speak a lot about what happened in Ferguson. I answer the same questions so often that I have a standard answer for each one. I often feel as if I am expected to perform as a revolutionary figure, however that looks. As if I am supposed to be full of fire. As if I come to spaces to ignite the flame folks need to really do something about the atrocities in this country. I find that perspective unrealistic and boring. I have no interest in painting a romanticized picture of the Ferguson uprising. I believe it is becoming mythologized as it is. I do not want to ease someone into the deep water of resistance or affirm someone's sense of righteousness. I do not care to make anyone feel good about being on the right side of justice or give pats on the back for recognizing that enough is enough.