The Future of Work Is Here: Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Labour

Posada, Julian
Ethics in Context

This commentary traces contemporary discourses on the relationship between artificial intelligence and labour and explains why these principles must be comprehensive in their approach to labour and AI. First, the commentary asserts that ethical frameworks in AI alone are not enough to guarantee workers' rights since they lack enforcement mechanisms and the representation of different stakeholders. Secondly, it argues that current discussions on AI and labour focus on the deployment of these technologies in the workplace but ignore the essential role of human labour in their development, particularly in the different cases of outsourced labour around the world. Finally, it recommends using existing human rights frameworks for working conditions to provide more comprehensive ethical principles and regulations. The commentary concludes by arguing that the central question regarding the future of work should not be whether intelligent machines will replace humans, but who will own these systems and have a say in their development and operation.