The Future Is Indigenous

Lewis, Jason Edward; Skawennati,

"We started reading science fiction as teenagers. We fell in love with the fantastic worlds, the strange societies, the alien cultures and the amazing technologies. As we got older, though, we began to notice the lack of Native people in those futures. In fact, there were barely any nonwhite people at all.
The lack of images of us in science fiction told us pretty clearly that there was no room for First Nations in the exciting futures being imagined by writers and artists, and being built by scientists and engineers. Today, several decades later, we work with Indigenous youth who recognize that the dominant culture still doesn't see a future for them. In our conversations with them, and in the academic research literature, we can see the connection between this erasure and the tragic statistics that plague First Nations: highest dropout rate, highest incarceration rate and, as has become painfully highlighted recently, highest suicide rate."