Playing Difference: Toward a Games of Color Pedagogy

Chang, Edmond Y.; Bird, Ashlee; Gray, Kishonna L.

Critical Pedagogy, Race, and Media investigates how popular media offers the potential to radicalise what and how we teach for inclusivity. Bringing together established scholars in the areas of race and pedagogy, this collection offers a unique approach to critical pedagogy by analysing current and historical iterations of race onscreen.

The book forms theoretical and methodological bridges between the disciplinary fields of pedagogy, equality studies, and screen studies to explore how we might engage in and critique screen culture for teaching about race. It employs Critical Race Theory and paradigmatic frameworks to address some of the social crises in Higher Education classrooms, forging new understandings of how notions of race are buttressed by popular media. The chapters draw on popular media as a tool to explore the social, economic, and cultural dimensions of racial injustice and are grouped by Black studies, migration studies, Indigenous studies, Latinx studies, and Asian studies. Each chapter addresses diversity and the necessity for teaching to include visual media which is reflective of a myriad of students’ experiences.

Offering opportunities for using popular media to teach for inclusion in Higher Education, this critical and timely book will be highly relevant for academics, scholars, and students across interdisciplinary fields such as pedagogy, human geography, sociology, cultural studies, media studies, and equality studies.