My Brain Database Doesn’t See Skin Color: Color-Blind Racism in the Technology Industry and in Theorizing the Web

Daniels, Jessie
The American Behavioral Scientist

In this article, I examine three interconnected notions about color-blind racism and the Internet. The first is the fantasy that the Internet as a technology is color-blind with regard to race; the second is the reality that color-blind racism operates in the tech industry. The third notion is the way color-blind racism shapes Internet studies of race and racism, in which race is contained as a “variable” or as an “identity” that inhere exclusively in people of color, but that leaves the way race is embedded in structures, industry, and the very idea of the Internet unexamined. To explore these facets of color-blind racism, the article offers a theoretical meta-analysis of scholarly literature, the cultural artifacts of technoculture, and popular accounts of the tech industry.