Made in Asia/America: Why Video Games Were Never (Really) about Us

Patterson, Christopher; Fickle, Tara

Made in Asia/America explores the key role video games play within the race-makings of Asia/America. Each of its fourteen critical essays on games, ranging from Death Stranding to Animal Crossing, and five roundtables with twenty Asian/American game makers, examine the historical entanglements of games, Asia, and America, and reveal the ways games offer new modes of imagining imperial violence, racial difference, and coalition. Shifting away from Eurocentric, white, masculinist takes on gaming, the contributors focus on minority and queer experiences, practices, and innovative scholarly methods, to better account for the imperial circulation of games. Encouraging ambiguous and contextual ways of understanding games, the editors offer an “interactive” editorial method, a genre-expanding approach that encourages hybrid works of auto-theory, queer of color theory, and conversation among game makers and scholars to generate divergent meanings of games, play, and “Asian America.”