Defining and Achieving Health Equity in Genomic Medicine

Jooma, Sonya; Hahn, Michael J.; Hindorff, Lucia A.; Bonham, Vence L.
Ethnicity & Disease

The potential of genomics to improve health comes with the peril that the benefits will not be equitably available to all populations. Existing health disparities can be exacerbated if the implementation of genomic medicine does not intentionally focus on health equity. Defining what health equity means in the context of genomics and outlining how it can be achieved is important for the future of the field. Strategies to improve health equity include addressing underrepresentation of diverse populations in genomic research, investigating how genomic services can be deployed in diverse health care settings and underserved communities, increasing workforce diversity, supporting infrastructure development outside traditional research centers, and engaging communities and health care providers. By employing these strategies, the genomic research community can advance health equity in genomic medicine.