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Danielle Wood is an associate professor in the Program in Media Arts & Sciences at the MIT Media Lab and holds a joint appointment in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics & […]

Miliaku Nwabueze is an anti-disciplinarian constellation architect, chaos orchestrator, and glitch enthusiast who splits her time between New York and Atlanta. She is a queer, Igbo-Black American originally born and […]

Whit Pow is an assistant professor in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. Their work is forthcoming in Camera Obscura and has been published in […]

ABSTRACT The study of digital games is necessarily a study of software and computers and their politics, histories, and imbrications in systems of power. Critical game studies as a field […]

Yeonhee Cho is a PhD candidate in information science at the University of Washington, holding an MSEd in learning sciences from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in media […]

Rianna Walcott is a postdoctoral fellow in the Black Communication and Technology Lab at the University of Maryland, and part of the DISCO Network. Walcott will be joining the Department […]

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ABSTRACT Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter on October 31, 2022 has left Black Twitter reeling in the wake of over a year of turbulence, with constantly changing affordances rendering the […]

ABSTRACT This field review explores the phenomenon of crypto-games (digital games built on blockchain technologies) and new racialized forms of play-based labor. Through examining Axie Infinity, a crypto-game made in […]

Zara Rahman is a British-Bangladeshi author and researcher whose interests lie at the intersection of power, technology and justice. Her book, Machine Readable Me: The Hidden Ways Tech Shapes Our […]

Huan He is an assistant professor of English at Vanderbilt University and holds a PhD in American studies and ethnicity from the University of Southern California. From 2022–2023, He was […]

Lida Zeitlin-Wu is a scholar of media, race, and visual culture whose work explores the rationalization of sensory experience and selfhood under techno-capitalism. She received her PhD in Film & […]

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